What is Moodboarder?

You just started your design project and you are gathering reference or inspirational material. You've downloaded a bunch of images online so now you have a folder on your desktop full of great references. But you find yourself manically tapping at your keyboard trying to navigate those images or squinting at the tiny thumbnail previews that don't get as large as you would want them to. Hey, you found a website that helps you visualize those images. Great! Ah hold on - you have to create an account, pay a monthly fee, and wait for the images to be uploaded to the server... But you just wanted a fast and clean way to display your images!

Moodboarder allows you to drag and drop your local images to your browser of choice and display them in an adjustable grid. That's all. Everything is local so happens in an instant and stays private. You can reorder them, delete, or display their filename with simple shortcuts. Oh, and it's open source - if you'd like to contribute or suggest new features, here is the github repo.

Drag and Drop multiple images to the canvas.
Moodboarder in action.

Why a Mood Board?

A mood board is a fantastic way to display a set of images in a cohesive, clean, and clear way. No distractions! It can be used for a presentation - showcasing colors, styles, or moods.

Save your boards with Firefox

When using Moodboarder on Firefox you can take advantage of the "Take a Screenshot" functionality to take a screenshot of your mood board and save it. Other browsers may offer a similar functionality.

Firefox Screengrab functionality
Firefox Screengrab functionality.

Release Notes

Only major/minor changes are listed here, for all changes refer to the repo's commits page.

Moodboarder 1.3.0: Copy Image Filename

Aug 29, 2021

  • Copy filename - hover over an image and press the C key to copy its filename to clipboard. Useful to search the image locally or for sharing the filename.

Moodboarder 1.2.0: Fullscreen Image Preview

Aug 29, 2021

  • Fullscreen preview - hover over an image and hit the F key to preview the image fullscreen. Tap again to close. Display the filename I or delete the image D directly when in fullscreen mode.

Moodboarder 1.1.0: Delete and Reorder

Aug 14, 2021

  • Delete images - simply hover over an image and delete it by hitting the D key.
  • Reorder images - drag and drop images to reorder them. The layout will automatically readjust.
  • More column options - now 7, 8, and 9 column grid layouts are available, by pressing the corresponding keys.
  • Display image filename - hover over an image and press the I key to toggle its filename.

Moodboarder 1.0.0: Genesis

May 5, 2020

  • Drag and Drop images - choose images locally and display them in the browser by dragging and dropping them in the Moodboarder window.
  • Help dialog - view help and shortcut keys anytime, by pressing the H key.
  • Change column layout - 1 to 6 column layout available by pressing the corresponding number keys.
  • Display filename on hover - hover over an image to display its filename.

Moodboarder App
GitHub - hcrev/moodboarder: Drag and drop images to visualize them in a grid layout on your favorite browser.
Drag and drop images to visualize them in a grid layout on your favorite browser. - GitHub - hcrev/moodboarder: Drag and drop images to visualize them in a grid layout on your favorite browser.
Moodboarder repo on Github.